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Advanced Research Journals is a hybrid: we read the studies for you and translate them into readable English. But we tell you where to find them, too, in case you want to read them for yourself. We also provide background biology and end-of-article reporter’s notes, as well as mid-article links to our sources. You can take our word on the issues, but we won’t force you to.

The Journals

For consumers, ARJ is a free, monthly journal dedicated to providing in-depth health information that isn’t swayed by market or advertiser demands. With articles from study result analysis (pregnancy and alcohol, milk and cancer) to lighter fare (health insurance for dogs, the geography of fat), ARJ tries to publish information that is otherwise hard to come by.

The Wire

For magazines and newspapers, we offer a wire service. Editors can purchase by the article, by the month or by the year (ARJ wire service).

The Editor

Editor Alison Slaughter is a freelance journalist specializing in consumer health issues. She received her masters in journalism from Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism.

Her articles have appeared in Chicago’s Daily Herald, Indiana’s Times, New York state’s Daily Star, and Wyoming’s Powell Tribune. Because she feels pets are important, she has also written for Bark and Dog and Kennel magazines.

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