Emerging Issues in Medical Diagnosis and Treatment

Emerging Issues in Medical Diagnosis and Treatment (MDT) is a peer-reviewed, open-access e-journal focusing on focussing on emerging technologies in health, medicine, and biomedical research. JMDT belongs to one of the pocket journals in the ARJ Pocket Journal Series.

Pocket journal is a new concept in the academe. It discusses the major ideas/frameworks of models or recent developments in some areas but does not require detailed or formal experiments. The papers can be viewed as experimental papers (but not newsletters). For example, a paper may: propose new research direction, announce an innovative design/model, review/survey papers/books/conferences, extend/expand a published paper (provided that both the published paper and the extended/expanded version are written by the same or similar set of authors), define a new problem (without a concrete solution) hoping for solving it by collective wisdom, etc. All work for the pocket journal should contain the following:

  • Solid motivations, i.e. why the problems are important
  • A detailed discussion on the major challenges, i.e., why existing work has not been able to solve them (yet, the paper may not necessarily need to propose a new solution)